Bitcoin Mining Colocation
Previously, Bitcoin mining could be accomplished using simply a CPU, a cooling unit, and a power source. Things are no longer so simple. Increasingly, Bitcoin mining is being handled by colocation hosting centers and Bitcoin hosting data locations. Many find it challenging to find the most appropriate ASIC, Bitcoin, and Ethereum data centers for hosting their operations.

Changes in the equipment needed to mine Bitcoin, combined with an exponentially increased volume of Bitcoin processing, has made it to where Bitcoin operations are now quite complex. Such facilities now require vast amounts of cooling and a power source that can handle high density. This can make some data centers cost-prohibitive and leave users of cryptocurrencies searching for facilities that can host the services they need.

In addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency users who need data centers for their operations include:

• Dogecoin
• Ethereum
• Mastercoin
• Namecoin
• Peercoin

For Bitcoin operations seeking wholesale Bitcoin data center sites, cage space, or private colocation suites, consulting services such as offer a solution. Such services specialize in connecting Bitcoin operators with appropriate yet cost-effective Bitcoin data centers.

A consulting service can help cryptocurrency operators find data centers that offer the following services:

• Bitcoin as a payment option for services
• Bitcoin colocation
• Expansion space
• Flexible-term contracts
• Low-cost power and space
• Reliable Internet connection
• Remote assistance when needed
• Secure hosting that can house Bitcoin ASIC mining equipment
• Sufficient cooling

Among the services available through a professional cryptocurrency mining consultant are the following:

• Analysis of potential threats from natural disaster and terrorist activity as well as threats to the power grid
• Appropriate identification of single-user data center suites or medium and large cage space with high density and high power capability
• Assistance with implementation phase coordination and relocation planning
• Clear, concise, detailed analysis of colocation pricing options
• Comparison of your current electrical power costs versus available data center and colocation service provider electrical power costs
• Data center outsourcing options for colocation space managed services
• Negotiation of favorable contract terms and SLAs
• Pricing proposals that cover colocation, RFPS, specification requirements, and systems design
• Review of center-specific cooling, power, and special security requirements

A consultation service can support its clients from the first inquiry throughout the entire data center relocation, including contract renewals. These services provide an end run around salespeople who work directly for the data center as wells as online Bitcoin mining pools and are able to negotiate data center management services negotiation on a wholesale basis. This volume allows the consultation service to provide its clients with affordably-priced management services that meet the client’s exact requirements. A consulting service whose professionals work on commission only, without a base salary, can offer its clients reduced costs due to low overhead.

The purpose of a Bitcoin and Ethereum consulting service is always to help the client reach their goals, never to place the client at risk. By sourcing hosting options and data centers, consulting services help their clients reach their financial goals. Expect both technical expertise and professionalism from these consultants.

More than 3,000 from LA to Dallas data centers capable of hosting and managing cryptocurrency operations are available in the U.S. alone. It can be difficult for managers to find the most competitive services to meet and exceed their expectations. A consulting service can help Bitcoin operators better serve their clients by connecting managers with the most appropriate and cost-effective services for their individual needs.

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