Data Center or Colocation Service Selection

branding-colocationColocation services or data centers are secure facilities that house off-site computer servers. These centers feature the appropriate bandwidth, storage, and maintenance to host internet technology (IT) services for large companies and small businesses. Outsourcing your website or business servers allows you to save space on hardware, enjoy faster internet connections and speed, and benefit from greater oversight and troubleshooting. With a number of colocation centers available, it is important to ensure that a given operation has the capacity and professionalism to serve your purposes. A look at the most important considerations for choosing a data center can help you make the best decision for your website or business.

1. High-Powered Facilities
Colocation centers often provide network services for a large number of businesses, including telecommunications companies, retail websites, and interconnection corporations. Providing these services requires a reliable power supply. When deciding on a facility, check to ensure the colocation service uses a strong power generator system. The facility should also have a backup power supply in the event of an emergency or breakdown.

2. Advanced Cooling Settings
As network service providers, data centers often contain a concentration of heavy equipment. This electronic equipment can emit a great deal during operation. Therefore, colocation services must have smart cooling management in place. Managed air conditioning helps prevent equipment and circuits from overheating during high-performance hours. An advanced cooling system can also maintain neutral indoor temperatures during extreme weather.

3. Risk Reduction and Emergency Intervention
Since data centers provide essential storage and networking for your business, these facilities such have an established protocol for server risks or emergencies. Data centers should be able to respond to hazards such as hacking threats, natural disasters, or server crashes. Not only should host security services make an effort to reduce or eliminate these risks, but these facilities should also have trained workers and backup systems in place to protect your business.

4. Expert Maintenance
One of the key benefits of using off-site servers is that data centers have the best resources to hold storage and network equipment. As with any machinery, however, networking equipment requires maintenance to keep functioning properly. A trustworthy data center should have clear maintenance schedules in place. In addition, colocation services should be able to provide testing, operations, or checkup records upon request.

colocation-pricing-aws-alternatives5. Convenient Location
Hiring an off-site data center allows you to use your own facilities for other important needs. However, you may still need to access equipment or servers in person during emergencies. For this reason, choose a colocation solution that you can visit without too much of a hassle. To protect your data, you should also confirm that the data center is not in high-risk areas such as hurricane or earthquake regions.

6. Competent Security
Because data centers host sensitive and important information, these facilities should maintain high security standards. Colocation services should have internal protection against cyber breaches or data theft. The facilities should also have exterior video monitoring, alarm systems, and restricted access to personal data.

7. Operational Compliance
Colocation centers must comply with any laws or regulations under which your business or website operates. For example, if you have data that falls under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other privacy laws, the data center you choose must also meet these standard security requirements.

Choosing the right data center can ensure that any needed network services run smoothly. You may wish to visit the colocation hosting services or private cloud provider to tour the facilities and get answers to the most important questions. With proper evaluation, you can choose the best data center to take the stress of computing services right off your hands.

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