Swissbit Industrial slimDATA SSD

industrial-ssd-rugged-ssd-2-5-sataAn industrial SSD, otherwise known as a solid state drive is a storage device designed for greater speed compared to a hard disk drive. It contains nonvolatile flash memory and is not technically considered a hard drive as it does not have any moving parts. It uses an array of semiconductor memory and integrated circuits instead of optical or magnetic storage media.
The Swissbit Industrial slimSATA SSD is a small form factor 54 by 39 by 4 millimeters memory drive that provides the user with high capacity data storage for all their military grade needs. Depending on the series, the slimSATA SSD has varying storage capacity ranging from 16 gigabytes to 480 gigabytes, which is nearly one half of a terabyte.
Each Swissbit Industrial slim SATA drive has a standard combined connector with both SATA and power/control parts. This connector’s plane follows the specifications of the JEDEC MO-297. It is powered by a supplied typical voltage of 5V, although a 3.3V option is available as well.
ssd-military-gradeThe SATA interface of the drive operates in Mode 2.0 with either 1.5 or3 gigabytes per second burst. Not only that, but the drive itself includes an extremely intelligent controller than manages functions such as interface protocols, data storage and retrieval. It also manages hardware BCH-code Error Correction Code (ECC), defect handling, diagnostics and clock control.
The drive’s wear leveling mechanism guarantees extended life time by distributing equal use of the flash memory cells. The drive also includes features to prevent data corruption after powering down, such as its voltage detector and power-loss management feature.
It operates commercially from 0 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius and industrially from negative 40 degrees Celsius to positive 85 degrees Celsius. It can be stored anywhere between the same temperatures as it operates industrially. Also, the drive’s data retention is ten years at the beginning of life and one year at the end of life.
ssd-drives-laptopsThe Swissbit Industial slim SATA SSD is a fine little piece of technology that has been awarded Best in Class Performance and Endurance with durabitâ„¢ Technology. It has dynamic and static wear leveling, active and passive data care management, lifetime enhancements such as dynamic bad block remapping and write amplification reduction, on-bard power fail protection, and enterprise-grade Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).
Overall, the Swissbit Industrial slimSATA SSD undoubtedly performs well and has the awards to prove it. The drive’s incredible capacity range and long list of features alone is enough to show its worth.

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